our team

We’re a dedicated team of professionals with deep industry experience and technical expertise to manage last-minute orders, special requests, and all of the unpredictable circumstances that arise within the floral industry.

Jeffrey, Owner

As a second-generation wholesale house owner, Jeffrey brings his expertise and Southern hospitality to the table each day. Growing up in the floral industry had an influence on Jeffrey, and after working for his father and another major wholesaler, he founded Horton Wholesale in 1992. He’s served numerous roles on the board of the Alabama State Florist Association, including president.

Stephen, Cut Flower Manager

Stephen began at Horton over 23 years ago, and is a professional expert in the floral industry. He takes the utmost care in educating customers on flower varieties and their origins, and ensures that each client finds exactly what they are looking for. Quite simply, he cares: about the industry, about his customers, and about providing the most beautiful quality & selection of flowers.


Kathy married into the wholesale floral industry 33 years ago.  After retiring from teaching music, she now plays a support role at Horton’s.  She does whatever is needed ranging from customer service to bookkeeping.  She’s also our in-house contractor and builds all the work and display tables!

Linda, Office Manager

With over 50 years (yes- 50!) years of industry experience, Linda has been a key element to Horton’s success, making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Without her, we’re scared to admit where we’d be. She keeps everything in order- check, check, and double check!


Marcus, Care & Handling

Marcus has been with Horton for over 10 years, where he handles everything from sales, to care and handling, to delivery. He’s passionate about being second-to-none in customer service and provides only the best product, quality, and selection.


Logan has been at Horton’s for almost two years.  He is currently a student at Auburn University Montgomery studying Information Technology.  He does a little bit of everything- customer service, deliveries, cleaning, organizing… and he does it all with a smile.